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Name Topic Areas
Abootalebi, Ali Middle East politics, history and language; sociopolitical and economic issues related to the Middle East; future of civil society and democracy in the Middle East; Israeli-Palestinian (Arab) peace process; Islam and democracy in developing countries; international political economy; international relations

Ahmed, Ali Cybersecurity, cyber risk, hacking, ethical hacking, ransomware, bug bounty, artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, e-commerce. Keywords: Cybersecurity, cyber attack, ransomware, bug bounty, ecommerce, artificial intelligence.

Anderson, Julie A. molecular biology and molecular genetics including the Human Genome Project, cloning, stem cells, molecular treatments for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease

Barker, Debra K.S. American Indian Literature, the representation of American Indians or Native Americans in American Literature, decolonial theory, Lakota history and culture.

Benson, Erica J. general linguistics, sociolinguistics, language variation and change, American social and regional dialects, language and gender, folk linguistics

Bleske-Rechek, April friendship, human mating, human sex differences, women in math/science/engineering, intelligence, behavior genetics

Bogstad, Janice young adult literature; science fiction and fantasy literature in English, French and Chinese; women and genre fiction (science fiction, fantasy, romance and mystery fiction); Chinese and Chinese American literature and history; 20th-century women writers' literature in Chinese, French, German and English; library collection development; global women's movements (20th century); J.R.R. Tolkien.

Boulter, James E. Climate change; global warming; air pollution; atmospheric science; environment; chemical analysis; sustainability; renewable energy; greenhouse gas; carbon footprint; aerosol; particulate matter.

Bredle, Don exercise physiology, exercise science, athletic performance, sports nutrition, body composition, weight control, pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation, training

Brisbin, Abra statistical genetics, association mapping, linkage analysis, ancestry mapping in individuals with ancestry from multiple populations

Brown, Joshua Amish, Mennonites, Hutterites, Anabaptists, German-Americans, language and identities.

Carney, Michael Teaching: guided inquiry, collaborative learning, science writing heuristic. Chemistry: inorganic chemistry, industrial chemical processes, catalysis, plastics, polymers, polymer synthesis, polymer properties, sustainable polymers, renewable polymers, polymer recycling. Strategic partnerships: workforce innovation, economic development, external partnerships and collaborations, strategic alignment, academic program development.

Coen, Lisa early childhood education, curriculum, parent relationships

Crickette, Grace Finance, budget, enterprise risk management, strategic management, information security, governance of enterprise technology, human resources, emergency and crisis management, heath care risk and patient safety, facilities management and capital projects, alternative finance, captive management, insurance, sustainability, environmental health and safety.

Cronje, Ruth Rhetoric of science, scientific argumentation, evidence-based practice, deliberation, democracy, health equity, social justice; Keywords: equity, deliberation, epistemology.

Crothers, Mickey Topics related to clinical psychology; mental health and mental illness; trauma; grief and bereavement; life-threatening illness; skills for coping with anxiety and depression; strengthening relationships; communication skills; positive psychology; burnout among mental health professionals. Keywords: psychology; mental health; mental illness; trauma; PTSD; posttraumatic stress; grief; bereavement; life-threatening illness; coping skills; anxiety; depression; communication; relationships; positive psychology; burnout.

DaCosta, Maria Pacific Asia economic issues, China's economic reform

Don, Gary W. music theory, music of Debussy and Prokofiev

Drollinger, Brian Risk management, university liability, property and auto insurance, safety training, emergency management, risk assessment. ustainability.

Dugar, Kranti International marketing, international business, business in India, Indian culture, culture, India, consumer behavior, Hindi language, study abroad, immersion programs.

Dunham, Douglas nanotechnology, materials science, materials characterization, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, surface science

Erger, Jeff health care, Internet communities, computer-mediated communication, small-group interaction, AIDS/HIV

Evans, Matthew Campus expert in the use of student response systems (clickers). Also teaches a distance running class to students and community members culminating in the running of a half or full marathon.

Faulkner, Doug fluvial geomorphology, surface-water hydrology, water resources

Fink, Steven Islam in the United States, Islamophobia, religion and politics, religion and sports

Fondrie, Sue teacher preparation, teacher shortage, teacher pipeline, children's literature, equity issues in education. Keywords: teachers, teaching, education.

Forman, Pamela J. gender, sexuality, women's sports (Title IX and gender equity in intercollegiate athletics)

Freese, Adam Academic skills, study strategies, reading strategies, note-taking strategies, goal setting, online coursework, procrastination, time management.

Freitag, Rodd state and local politics, interest groups, Congress, welfare policy, elections

Glogowski, Elizabeth plastics, polymer science, polymer synthesis, colloids, emulsions, "smart" materials, materials science.

Grothe, Arthur Shakespeare, acting, directing, Star Wars, live performance, playwriting; Keywords: theatre, theater, performance, acting, directing, stage and screen.

Hart-Brinson, Peter same-sex marriage (public opinion), generations and social change, social media, political communication, social movements, metaphor. Keywords: gay marriage, protest, news, politics, civic engagement, media, internet, technology, diversity, culture.

Havholm, Karen Research at UW-Eau Claire, undergraduate research, mentoring student research, research with community partners. Keywords: research, undergraduate research, community-based research.

Hertel, Harry legal issues relating to criminal law, landlord/tenant law, personal injury law, civil rights, constitutional issues

Hilton, Tom information assurance, information systems security, information systems risk analysis, information ethics, database design, data modeling.

Hinnant, Kate Fake news, information literacy, information design, library instruction. Keywords: document design, research.

Hochstein, Gloria J. science fiction in literature, television and film; women science fiction writers; detective fiction and murder mystery fiction by women; English grammar and usage

Hofacker, Cynthia Business communication, business presentations, business writing, working with different generations in the work place.

Huntington, Leslie Leadership development; mental conditioning and peak performance consulting; creating and sustaining positive culture in an organization and/or on a team; team building.

Jamelske, Eric Child health and nutrition (specifically children's fruit and vegetable consumption), climate change public opinion (specifically international views on climate change including China and the United States), public policy, environmental economics, health economics. Keywords: fruits and vegetables, climate change, health, environment, policy.

Janot, Jeffrey M. physical activity and fitness for kids, adults and older adults; cardiovascular disease and exercise; diabetes and exercise; sports training and exercise nutrition for youth and young adults

Jewell, Matt Superconducting materials and magnets; failure analysis; economic development; small business innovative research grants. Keywords: metallurgy, superconductors, fracture.

Ji, Jianjun Chinese elderly studies, China's population problems and policy, demographic transition, marital quality, sociological data analysis, social research methods. Keywords: activities of daily living, psychological wellbeing, supporting resources, life satisfaction, socioeconomic status.

Jol, Harry M. ground penetrating radar (geophysical method used to investigate near subsurface to understand how land forms were developed, to reconstruct history of an area and to identify buried items), coastal environments, geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, archaeology (Israel, France and North America)

Kakegawa, Tomomi Japanese language, linguistics, syntax, language pedagogy, virtual interactions.

Kaldjian, Paul human geography in general (emphasis on place, space, scale and the intersections of people, culture and environment); regional geography of the Middle East (emphasis on Turkey, Anatolia, Istanbul); geography of the Baltic region (emphasis on Finland); geography of food (emphasis on local-regional food systems); rural geographies (emphasis on rural outmigration and rural-urban connections). Keywords: Middle East, Turkey, Anatolia, Istanbul, Armenians, Finland, Baltic, food, food systems, farmers markets, urban-rural, migration, human geography.

Kasper, Eric U.S. Constitution, Wisconsin Constitution, U.S. Supreme Court, judiciary, courts, music and politics, popular culture and politics.

Kemp, Thomas Local economic issues (western Wisconsin), macroeconomics, non-market valuation, politics and economics. Keywords: economy, Eau Claire, western Wisconsin, economic modeling, political economy.

Kernan, Barbara early American women writers, fiction of Edith Wharton, American material culture studies, feminist pedagogy

Kim, Namji keyboard repertoire and teaching, keyboard performances

King, Thomas Wayne Human factors and ergonomics in design, development, manufacturing and use of assistive technology. New book: "ADD HUMAN - Human Factors and Ergonomics For All of Us," 2022. ISBN: 9798496622639; "Modern Morse Code in Rehabilitation and Education." New book: "Writing with Lightning - Wonder and Magic of Telegraph Codes," 2022. ISBN: 9798496668224; Registered Icelandic sheep — raising, wool, care, farm setup and operation. Okinawan traditional karate-do, adult lifetime fitness, self protection against falling. 52 years' experience: Sandan rank, third-degree black belt. Creating, writing, publishing, recording books, songs, instrumentals, raps, rhymes, tales, stories, lore. Ideas and suggestions for studio album design and production. Keywords: Human factors, ergonomics, assistive technology, performing voice, Morse code, telegraph codes, telegraphy background and history, Icelandic sheep, books, music, CDs, studio albums, traditional karate-do, writing, creating new ideas.

King, Fred Go (Wei qi, Baduk), Hilbert Transforms, highly correlated few-electron systems.

Kishel, Hans information literacy, active learning, game use in education, game design (war games), early to mid-20th-century military conflict

Klatt, Kevin autism, behavior analysis, developmental disabilities

Kocken, Greg UWEC history; campus history; Eau Claire history; local history; genealogy; archives; local architecture.

Kong, Kaishan Second language learning and teaching, study abroad, intercultural communication, teacher education, Chinese language and culture. Keywords: China, culture, language, study abroad, intercultural communication.

Kovacevic, Damir Genocide, ethnic conflict, civil war, Bosnia/Eastern Europe, international conflict, political violence, conflict resolution, U.S. foreign policy, international relations

Krueger, Susan nutritional needs, disease prevention (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer), poverty and hunger, nutrition and children, wellness, sports nutrition

Leibham, Mary Beth Educational and developmental psychology. Research interests focus broadly on child and adolescent development, and more specifically on academic motivation, parent involvement/over-parenting, classroom anxiety, and teacher and peer attitudes toward students with disabilities. Teaches courses in child psychology, adolescent development, educational psychology and exceptional children. Able to provide suggestions for helping families and children continue to develop the social and emotional skills necessary for navigating the current challenges of social distancing and school closures due to COVID-19.

Leland, David cognitive neuroscience, electroencephalography (EEG), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), attention, substance abuse and dependence, neuropsychopharmacology, decision-making

Lodge, Robert Sulfide mining, mineral exploration, economic geology, rock and mineral identification, geology of northern Wisconsin, Precambrian geology. Keywords: sulfide, mining, rocks, geology.

Lowe, Scott religion in China, new religions in the United States, Asian religions in the United States, Buddhism

Majstorovic, Steven ethnicity: conflict, politics, identity (Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, Balkans, United States, Africa, Asia); conflict resolution; Eastern and Western European politics; Russian politics

Mann, John W.W. American Indian history, history of the American West, public history, historic preservation

Markgraf, Jill Academic library leadership and administration, library advocacy, library science, information literacy, applied improvisation (using elements of improv in professional development), open educational resources (OER) and scholarly publishing, copyright.

Matthews, Douglas B. Alcohol use and misuse; adolescent substance use; substance use in the aged population; faculty-student collaborative research. Keywords: alcohol; cannabis.

McEllistrem, Laurel Materials and chemical analysis and characterization of bulk and trace components; materials failure analysis, outreach to industrial clients needing access to university facilities and expertise.

Meiers, Sonja Family health and family nursing; the influence of the health experience on and with families; how family health influences individual health and the influence of individual health on family health; family as a social determinant of health; and community-based participatory research methods. Keywords: nursing; substance use disorder; chronic illness; international nursing; family nursing; and family health.

Miller, Robin Fake news, information literacy, digital literacy, research, government documents, and assessment of student learning. Keywords: library, libraries.

Miller, Jessica S. France, French, linguistics, pronunciation, multilingualism, bilingualism, academic integrity, translators, proficiency, language acquisition.

Mitchell, Nora plant evolution and hybridization, botany, population genetics, phylogenetics, biodiversity. Keywords: plants, hybridization, evolution, botany, population genetics, phylogenetics.

Muehlenkamp, Jennifer suicide, self-injury, therapy (dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing), clinical psychology

Nowlan, Robert critical theory; film and television studies, especially British; popular music as cultural studies; mystery, detective and crime fiction; modern to contemporary British and especially Scottish, cultural studies; Ian Curtis and Joy Division. Keywords: critical theory, crime drama, Scottish studies, popular music of protest and resistance, postpunk music and culture.

Ostrander, Phil trombone, wind conducting, jazz, music education

Pace, Joel William Wordsworth, romanticism, transcendentalism, Anglo-American literary relations, bibliography, history of the book

Paine, Thomas computer networking, computer security, computer network forensics, software engineering, information systems

Patchin, Justin W. Cyberbullying, sexting, sextortion, social media, how teens use and misuse technology, bullying, school violence, juvenile justice, criminology theory.

Peters, Gretchen musicology and music history, history of Western European music, non-Western music, music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Peterson, Geoffrey voting behavior, public opinion polling, elections, media and politics, political advertising, American Indian politics

Pierce, Crispin health risks, environmental protection, water quality, air quality, poisonings, drug safety

Pierson, Kim General physics, electronics, computer interfacing, renewable energy, photovoltaics, solar water heaters, multi-source heat pumps, LabVIEW, test engineer. Keywords: electronic instrumentation, renewable energy, test engineer.

Poirier, Sheryl professional etiquette; networking/working a room; preparing for an event/predinner etiquette; the place setting/dining styles/serving order/the meal; tipping/toasting/ending a meal/do's and don'ts

Porter, Karen A. facilities management

Quinn-Lee, Lisa grief, loss, hospice, end of life, children's grief, grief therapy, death and dying, palliative care, interprofessional/interdisciplinary research and education, the effects of personalized music on people with dementia and their caregivers, social work.

Running, Garry Leonard IV eolian geomorphology, soil geomorphology, geoarchaeology, environmental civic engagement. Keywords: soils and land use, geoarchaeology, civic engagement.

Rylander, Jonathan Writing centers, diversity, LGBTQ, access, retention, writing across the curriculum, community outreach.

Schiller, Lisa Agricultural health and safety, rural health, immigrant health, Chippewa Valley Free Clinic.

Schneider, Katherine disability issues

See, Patti Academic advising; organ donation (specifically, living kidney donation and bone marrow donation); Lake Hallie; process of writing creatively; creative nonfiction writing. Keywords: advising, organ donation, writing, Lake Hallie.

Shaddock, Jennifer cultural studies, Victorian literature (with emphasis on the relationship between popular texts and literary texts), theory and practice of cultural studies (in the literature classroom and in Victorian literature), British literature/women writers, construction of gender in the 19th century

Shinno, Reiko East Asian history, gender history, medical history

Showsh, Sasha infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance in bacteria, genetically modified foods, genetic engineering as applied to bacteria and their use

Sipress, Mort election campaigns in the USA today; voter suppression or protection against fraud in the USA. Keywords: elections, voting.

Smith, Jennifer Animal behavior, conservation, diversity in STEM, wildlife, ecology, animals, cognition, cooperation, social behavior, leadership, female leadership, evolution, biology, carnivores, mammals, rodents, squirrels, birds, fish, sharks, women in STEM, nature, fieldwork, natural history, research, dominance, dogs, beavers, voles, spotted hyenas, African carnivores, coalitions.

Sterling, Jenni Training/learning and human resource development; instructional design; blended learning; online training/learning and development; FranklinCovey "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," "The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team," "Leading Customer Loyalty" and "Resolving Generational Conflict"; time management; project management; emotional intelligence; Blugold Service Excellence; presenting and facilitating; SMART goals.

Stow, Robert Athletic training, sports medicine, manual therapy, functional movement assessment, injuries/assessment/rehabilitation to the musculoskeletal system. Keywords: musculoskeletal injury, biomechanics, rehabilitation protocols.

Strehlow, Lily new sustainability projects, LEED, BluBox, Sonnentag/County Materials Complex, UW-Eau Claire Science and Health Science Building, energy efficiency, waste. Keywords: sustainability, energy, efficiency, renewable, climate, climate change, Student Office of Sustainability.

Strohschank, Johannes German immigration to Wisconsin

Syverson, Kent Glacial history of Wisconsin, glacial geology of the Chippewa Moraine Ice Age National Scientific Reserve Unit, geology of western Wisconsin, eruption of Mount St. Helens, frac sand mining in Wisconsin, adventures associated with conducting glacial geology research in the wilderness of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve (Alaska). Keywords: glacial geology, Wisconsin geology, frac sand, Alaska, Glacier Bay, wilderness research, Mt. St. Helens, volcano, volcanic eruption.

Taylor, Wilson biology, botany, fossils, plants, evolution, evolution vs. creation "science"

Taylor, Dale Music and the brain; Critical Race Theory: What Is It — Really?; Healthy Aging Through Application of Principles from Music Neuroscience; Dismantling Implicit Bias: Confronting Media's Role in Suppressing Freedom in a Free Society; Achieving Curricular Diversity After Confronting Unconscious Bias; Overcoming Racial and Cultural Stereotypes. Keywords: neuroscience, race, bias, CRT, diversity; music therapy.

Theo, Christos Graphic communications design theory, research, development and strategic applications. Design thinking strategies relative to individual/group ideation. Graphic design/visual communications development as applied to student/community outreach collaboration initiatives.

Thomas, Paul J. planetary science, comet and asteroid collisions with planets of the solar system, role comets played in origins and evolution of life, oceans on the moon Europa and other worlds of the outer solar system. Keywords: Eau Claire Planet Walk, Ask a Scientist series at the Acoustic Cafe, Art AND Science program at UW-Eau Claire.

Tschida, David Environmental communication, media literacy, communication literacy, mass communication, public speaking, advocacy, protest, social movements, rhetoric, public discourse, civic engagement. Keywords: nature, wilderness, justice, entertainment, popular culture, film, television, speech.

Turner, Stephanie public understanding of DNA science in human medicine and animal conservation, ethical issues in public and private medical research, writing effective user documentation for informed consent and patient education

Turtinen, Lloyd Infectious diseases, viruses, emerging viruses, immunology, epidemiology, recombinant DNA technology, vaccines, Lyme disease

Unseth , Jason Classroom technology, distance education, videoconferencing, broadcast engineering, cable television, AV consulting

Way, Kimera M. fundraising, building a comprehensive development program for organizations of all sizes and budgets, public-private partnerships, real estate development — especially student housing, strategic planning for nonprofit management. Keywords: fundraising, foundations, nonprofit management, public-private partnerships.

Welch, Karen Tutoring writing and/or learning skills.

Wellnitz, Todd Streams, aquatic organisms, aquatic ecology, marine biology, insects and other invertebrates. Keywords: macroinvertebrates, non-point source pollution, mountain streams, sharks, Belize, Argentina.

Wiggins, Matthew sport and exercise psychology, exercise and cancer recovery

Zhang, Jidong Expertise focuses on internal control and auditing; and managerial accounting, including budget and financial planning and analysis. Also familiar with healthcare financial systems as a certified healthcare financial professional. Serving in nonprofit organizations as a financial board member and working on current unemployment issues, CARES Act (Coronavirus Economic Relief Plan) and financial arrangement with individuals, families and organizations.