UW-Eau Claire's Experts Directory provides a list of campus experts who can comment to the media on various topics and issues and who are willing to speak to service and professional groups.


Second language learning and teaching, study abroad, intercultural communication, teacher education, Chinese language and culture. Keywords: China, culture, language, study abroad, intercultural communication.
Materials and chemical analysis and characterization of bulk and trace components; materials failure analysis, outreach to industrial clients needing access to university facilities and expertise.
musicology and music history, history of Western European music, non-Western music, music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
music theory, music of Debussy and Prokofiev
friendship, human mating, human sex differences, women in math/science/engineering, intelligence, behavior genetics
Expertise focuses on internal control and auditing; and managerial accounting, including budget and financial planning and analysis. Also familiar with healthcare financial systems as a certified healthcare financial professional. Serving in nonprofit organizations as a financial board member and working on current unemployment issues, CARES Act (Coronavirus Economic Relief Plan) and financial arrangement with individuals, families and organizations.
UWEC history; campus history; Eau Claire history; local history; genealogy; archives; local architecture.
nanotechnology, materials science, materials characterization, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, surface science
Japanese language, linguistics, syntax, language pedagogy, virtual interactions.
eolian geomorphology, soil geomorphology, geoarchaeology, environmental civic engagement. Keywords: soils and land use, geoarchaeology, civic engagement.
Finance, budget, enterprise risk management, strategic management, information security, governance of enterprise technology, human resources, emergency and crisis management, heath care risk and patient safety, facilities management and capital projects, alternative finance, captive management, insurance, sustainability, environmental health and safety.
William Wordsworth, romanticism, transcendentalism, Anglo-American literary relations, bibliography, history of the book
Cybersecurity, cyber risk, hacking, ethical hacking, ransomware, bug bounty, artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, e-commerce. Keywords: Cybersecurity, cyber attack, ransomware, bug bounty, ecommerce, artificial intelligence.
Secondary Physical Education Adventure and Outdoor Education
statistical genetics, association mapping, linkage analysis, ancestry mapping in individuals with ancestry from multiple populations
grief, loss, hospice, end of life, children's grief, grief therapy, death and dying, palliative care, interprofessional/interdisciplinary research and education, the effects of personalized music on people with dementia and their caregivers, social work.
health care, Internet communities, computer-mediated communication, small-group interaction, AIDS/HIV
general linguistics, sociolinguistics, language variation and change, American social and regional dialects, language and gender, folk linguistics
American Constitutional Law Supreme Court of the United States First Amendment Legal Theory Comparative Law and Politics
trombone, wind conducting, jazz, music education