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Name Topic Areas
Hilton, Tom information assurance, information systems security, information systems risk analysis, information ethics, database design, data modeling.

Kakegawa, Tomomi Japanese language, linguistics, syntax, language pedagogy, virtual interactions.

Kemp, Thomas Local economic issues (western Wisconsin), macroeconomics, non-market valuation, politics and economics. Keywords: economy, Eau Claire, western Wisconsin, economic modeling, political economy.

King, Thomas Wayne Human factors and ergonomics in design, development, manufacturing and use of assistive technology. New book: "ADD HUMAN - Human Factors and Ergonomics For All of Us," 2022. ISBN: 9798496622639; "Modern Morse Code in Rehabilitation and Education." New book: "Writing with Lightning - Wonder and Magic of Telegraph Codes," 2022. ISBN: 9798496668224; Registered Icelandic sheep — raising, wool, care, farm setup and operation. Okinawan traditional karate-do, adult lifetime fitness, self protection against falling. 52 years' experience: Sandan rank, third-degree black belt. Creating, writing, publishing, recording books, songs, instrumentals, raps, rhymes, tales, stories, lore. Ideas and suggestions for studio album design and production. Keywords: Human factors, ergonomics, assistive technology, performing voice, Morse code, telegraph codes, telegraphy background and history, Icelandic sheep, books, music, CDs, studio albums, traditional karate-do, writing, creating new ideas.

Paine, Thomas computer networking, computer security, computer network forensics, software engineering, information systems

Taylor, Wilson biology, botany, fossils, plants, evolution, evolution vs. creation "science"

Taylor, Dale Music and the brain; Critical Race Theory: What Is It — Really?; Healthy Aging Through Application of Principles from Music Neuroscience; Dismantling Implicit Bias: Confronting Media's Role in Suppressing Freedom in a Free Society; Achieving Curricular Diversity After Confronting Unconscious Bias; Overcoming Racial and Cultural Stereotypes. Keywords: neuroscience, race, bias, CRT, diversity; music therapy.

Theo, Christos Graphic communications design theory, research, development and strategic applications. Design thinking strategies relative to individual/group ideation. Graphic design/visual communications development as applied to student/community outreach collaboration initiatives.

Thomas, Paul J. planetary science, comet and asteroid collisions with planets of the solar system, role comets played in origins and evolution of life, oceans on the moon Europa and other worlds of the outer solar system. Keywords: Eau Claire Planet Walk, Ask a Scientist series at the Acoustic Cafe, Art AND Science program at UW-Eau Claire.

Tschida, David Environmental communication, media literacy, communication literacy, mass communication, public speaking, advocacy, protest, social movements, rhetoric, public discourse, civic engagement. Keywords: nature, wilderness, justice, entertainment, popular culture, film, television, speech.

Turner, Stephanie public understanding of DNA science in human medicine and animal conservation, ethical issues in public and private medical research, writing effective user documentation for informed consent and patient education

Turtinen, Lloyd Infectious diseases, viruses, emerging viruses, immunology, epidemiology, recombinant DNA technology, vaccines, Lyme disease

Wellnitz, Todd Streams, aquatic organisms, aquatic ecology, marine biology, insects and other invertebrates. Keywords: macroinvertebrates, non-point source pollution, mountain streams, sharks, Belize, Argentina.