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UW-Eau Claire's Experts Directory provides an online list of campus experts who can comment to the media on various topics and issues and who may be willing to speak to service and professional groups.

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Name Topic Areas
Boehnen, Tim Risk management, safety, insurance, worker's compensation, emergency management, disaster planning, workplace safety, chemical spill response planning, office ergonomics. Keywords: OSHA, WC, regulatory compliance, DSCA, DOMOPs, hazards, environmental health and safety, EHS.

Chmielewski, Terry L. male-female communication, interpersonal communication, conflict, image of organizations, media relations, crisis communication, issues analysis and management

Gillman, Tom mental toughness training, sport psychology and counseling of athletes, utilization of personnel in athletics

Hilton, Tom information assurance, information systems security, information systems risk analysis, information ethics, database design, data modeling.

Kakegawa, Tomomi Japanese language and syntax

Kemp, Thomas Local economic issues (western Wisconsin), macroeconomics, non-market valuation, politics and economics. Keywords: economy, Eau Claire, western Wisconsin, economic modeling, political economy.

King, Thomas W. Assistive technologies; human factors in device design and engineering; early Wisconsin pioneer history, agricultural practices and homestead technologies; Morse code; tap code; modern Morse code in rehabilitation and education. Writing and publishing related to all of above topics and more. Keywords: human factors, device design and engineering, practical technologies across fields, applications and abilities, Morse code.

Paine, Thomas computer networking, computer security, computer network forensics, software engineering, information systems

Taylor, Wilson biology, botany, fossils, plants, evolution, evolution vs. creation "science"

Taylor, Dale Music therapy and the brain; music for recovery from traumatic brain injury; music and memory; curricular diversity; overcoming racial and cultural stereotypes. Keywords: neuroscience, implicit bias.

Thomas, Paul J. planetary science, comet and asteroid collisions with planets of the solar system, role comets played in origins and evolution of life, oceans on the moon Europa and other worlds of the outer solar system. Keywords: Eau Claire Planet Walk, Ask a Scientist series at the Acoustic Cafe, Art AND Science program at UW-Eau Claire.

Tong, Simei functional analysis

Tschida, David Communicating about environmental issues and advocacy, communication/media literacy, communication strategies or techniques, how audiences determine meaning(s) in the communication they encounter, public speaking.

Turner, Stephanie public understanding of DNA science in human medicine and animal conservation, ethical issues in public and private medical research, writing effective user documentation for informed consent and patient education

Turtinen, Lloyd Lyme disease

Wellnitz, Todd Streams, aquatic organisms, aquatic ecology, marine biology, insects and other invertebrates. Keywords: macroinvertebrates, non-point source pollution, mountain streams, sharks, Belize, Argentina.