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Name Topic Areas
Chmielewski, Terry L. male-female communication, interpersonal communication, conflict, image of organizations, media relations, crisis communication, issues analysis and management

Gillman, Tom mental toughness training, sport psychology and counseling of athletes, utilization of personnel in athletics

Hilton, Tom information systems ethics, security and strategy

Kakegawa, Tomomi Japanese language and syntax

King, Thomas W. creativity in life, literacy and composition; human factors regarding device engineering design; modern Morse code history and applications; speech, hearing and language in performance; Lake Superior region and Metis folk history

Paine, Thomas computer networking, computer security, computer network forensics, software engineering, information systems

Taylor, Wilson biology, botany, fossils, plants, evolution, evolution vs. creation "science"

Taylor, Dale music reinstruction for recovery from traumatic brain injury, the brain and music therapy, curricular diversity

Thomas, Paul J. planetary science, comet and asteroid collisions with planets of the solar system, role comets played in origins and evolution of life, collision of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with planet Jupiter

Thul, Genevieve health care, health care reform, Affordable Care Act, health care policy, health care finance, health care information systems, health care education, nursing, critical care nursing, transplant nursing, pediatric nursing, oncology nursing

Tong, Simei functional analysis

Turner, Stephanie public understanding of DNA science in human medicine and animal conservation, ethical issues in public and private medical research, writing effective user documentation for informed consent and patient education

Turtinen, Lloyd biotechnology, molecular biology, virology, immunology, molecular genetics, basic and advanced gene cloning, gene therapy, emerging viral diseases, HIV, AIDS

Tvaruzka, Kathryn children's and young adult literature, library programs and services for youth, library science

Wellnitz, Todd invertebrates, aquatic ecology, streams, lakes and ponds