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Name Topic Areas
Sahlhoff, Kathleen, how to pay for college, financial aid and scholarship resources, financial resources for college for nontraditional students

Schiller, Lisa, agricultural health and safety

Schneider, Katherine, disability issues

Schuetz, Lisa M., team handball

See, Patti, poetry readings, process of writing creatively, learning styles in students, needs of students with varied learning styles, instructional techniques, first-year experience, third wave of feminism, organ donation (specifically, living kidney donation)

Shaddock, Jennifer, cultural studies, Victorian literature (with emphasis on the relationship between popular texts and literary texts), theory and practice of cultural studies (in the literature classroom and in Victorian literature), British literature/women writers, construction of gender in the 19th century

Shinno, Reiko, East Asian history, gender history, medical history

Showsh, Sasha, infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance in bacteria, genetically modified foods, genetic engineering as applied to bacteria and their use

Simek, Jodi, intercultural communication; Ukrainian culture, history and religion

Sperstad, Rita, childbirth care/education, Lamaze instruction, spirituality and birth, cultural competency, cultural care during pregnancy/birth, assessment of student learning through storytelling and the arts

Standifer, Rhetta, business-to-business e-commerce, conflict management, leadership, time-related research

Stow, Robert, athletic training, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, digital technology in education

Strohschank, Johannes, German immigration to Wisconsin

Strouthes, Daniel, North American Indian traditional cultures; indigenous legal systems of North American Indian societies; politics, technology, religion and humor of North American Indian societies; changes in American Indian land tenure

Syverson, Kent, glacial geology of the Chippewa Moraine Ice Age National Scientific Reserve Unit, geology of western Wisconsin, eruption of Mount St. Helens, frac sand units in western Wisconsin, frac sand mining in western Wisconsin