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UW-Eau Claire's Experts Directory provides an online list of campus experts who can comment to the media on various topics and issues and who may be willing to speak to service and professional groups.

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Name Topic Areas
Coen, Lisa early childhood education, curriculum, parent relationships

Huntington, Leslie Leadership development; mental conditioning and peak performance consulting; creating and sustaining positive culture in an organization and/or on a team; team building.

Leibham, Mary Beth Educational and developmental psychology. Research interests focus broadly on child and adolescent development, and more specifically on academic motivation, parent involvement/over-parenting, classroom anxiety, and teacher and peer attitudes toward students with disabilities. Teaches courses in child psychology, adolescent development, educational psychology and exceptional children. Able to provide suggestions for helping families and children continue to develop the social and emotional skills necessary for navigating the current challenges of social distancing and school closures due to COVID-19.

Leland, David cognitive neuroscience, electroencephalography (EEG), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), attention, substance abuse and dependence, neuropsychopharmacology, decision-making

Lodge, Robert Sulfide mining, mineral exploration, economic geology, rock and mineral identification, geology of northern Wisconsin, Precambrian geology. Keywords: sulfide, mining, rocks, geology.

Lowe, Scott religion in China, new religions in the United States, Asian religions in the United States, Buddhism

McEllistrem, Laurel Materials and chemical analysis and characterization of bulk and trace components; materials failure analysis, outreach to industrial clients needing access to university facilities and expertise.

Quinn-Lee, Lisa grief, loss, hospice, end of life, children's grief, grief therapy, death and dying, palliative care, interprofessional/interdisciplinary research and education, the effects of personalized music on people with dementia and their caregivers, social work.

Schiller, Lisa Agricultural health and safety, rural health, immigrant health, Chippewa Valley Free Clinic.

Strehlow, Lily new sustainability projects, LEED, BluBox, Sonnentag/County Materials Complex, UW-Eau Claire Science and Health Science Building, energy efficiency, waste. Keywords: sustainability, energy, efficiency, renewable, climate, climate change, Student Office of Sustainability.

Turtinen, Lloyd Infectious diseases, viruses, emerging viruses, immunology, epidemiology, recombinant DNA technology, vaccines, Lyme disease