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Name Topic Areas
Kakegawa, Tomomi Japanese language and syntax

Keating, Karen (contact) Health Service staff will give health and wellness education programs on cholesterol counseling, nutrition, first aid, food facts, meal-planning tips, psychoactive drugs, top 10 unwellness behaviors and women's health issues.

Kernan, Barbara early American women writers, fiction of Edith Wharton, American material culture studies, feminist pedagogy

Kilgallon, Scott intercollegiate athletics; athletic issues and current events; running

Kim, Namji keyboard repertoire and teaching, keyboard performances

King, Thomas W. creativity in life, literacy and composition; human factors regarding device engineering design; modern Morse code history and applications; speech, hearing and language in performance; Lake Superior region and Metis folk history

Kishel, Hans information literacy, active learning, game use in education, game design (war games), early to mid-20th-century military conflict

Klatt, Kevin autism, behavior analysis, developmental disabilities

Krueger, Susan nutritional needs, disease prevention (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer), poverty and hunger, nutrition and children, wellness, sports nutrition

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