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Name Topic Areas
Hart-Brinson, Peter, gay marriage (public opinion), generations and social change, civic engagement, political communication, media and social movements

Hein, Jeremy, international migration, racial and ethnic diversity, Southeast Asian refugees, Hmong Americans

Hertel, Harry, legal issues relating to criminal law, landlord/tenant law, personal injury law, civil rights, constitutional issues

Hillis, Lillian, Web site design and development, Web accessibility for individuals with disabilities

Hilton, Tom, information systems ethics, security and strategy

Hochstein, Gloria J., science fiction in literature, television and film; women science fiction writers; detective fiction and murder mystery fiction by women; English grammar and usage

Huntington, Leslie, fast-pitch softball, sports injuries, strength and conditioning for women

Hupy, Christina, geospatial science and technology, geographic information systems and science, global positioning systems, remote sensing, biogeography, forest change in the Great Lakes region