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Name Topic Areas
Don, Gary W. music theory, music of Debussy and Prokofiev

Gillman, Tom mental toughness training, sport psychology and counseling of athletes, utilization of personnel in athletics

Glogowski, Elizabeth plastics, polymer science, polymer synthesis, colloids, emulsions, "smart" materials, materials science

Hochstein, Gloria J. science fiction in literature, television and film; women science fiction writers; detective fiction and murder mystery fiction by women; English grammar and usage

Peters, Gretchen musicology and music history, history of Western European music, non-Western music, music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Peterson, Geoffrey voting behavior, public opinion polling, elections, media and politics, political advertising, American Indian politics

Running, Garry Leonard IV geoarchaeology, wetlands restoration, soil geomorphology, eolian geomorphology

Thul, Genevieve health care, health care reform, Affordable Care Act, health care policy, health care finance, health care information systems, health care education, nursing, critical care nursing, transplant nursing, pediatric nursing, oncology nursing