A Guide to Faculty/Staff Media Sources and Speakers

UW-Eau Claire's Experts Directory provides an online list of campus experts who can comment to the media on various topics and issues and who may be willing to speak to service and professional groups.

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Name Topic Areas
Berry, Catherine cardiac health and nursing, Mended Hearts support group (related to heart disease and surgery), professional organization involvement, church women leadership

Burns, Charlene Christianity (theology, history), religious violence, religion and science, psychology of religion, religion and morality

Carney, Michael industrial chemical processes, catalysis, plastics, polymer chemistry, polymer synthesis, renewable polymers, polymer recycling.

Chmielewski, Terry L. male-female communication, interpersonal communication, conflict, image of organizations, media relations, crisis communication, issues analysis and management

Coen, Lisa early childhood education, curriculum, parent relationships

Cronje, Ruth Rhetoric of science, scientific argumentation, evidence-based practice, deliberation, democracy, health equity, social justice; Keywords: equity, deliberation, epistemology.

Crothers, Mickey topics related to clinical psychology, mental health and mental illness; positive psychology

Hlas, Christopher mathematics education, teaching through problem solving, technology to support mathematics instruction, student engagement (specifically related to flow theory), teaching game design, gamification of education. Keywords: math, mathematics, education.

Hofacker, Cynthia Business communication, business presentations, business writing, working with different generations in the work place.

Hupy, Christina geospatial science and technology, geographic information systems and science, global positioning systems, remote sensing, biogeography, forest change in the Great Lakes region

Pierce, Crispin health risks, environmental protection, water quality, air quality, poisonings, drug safety

Theo, Christos Graphic communications design theory, research, development and strategic applications. Design thinking strategies relative to individual/group ideation. Graphic design/visual communications development as applied to student/community outreach collaboration initiatives.

von Karolyi, Catya giftedness, the interaction of giftedness and learning disorders, visual spatial abilities and dyslexia, children's issue awareness