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Name Topic Areas
Becker, D'Arcy, auditing, CPA issues, accounting

Benson, Alan, writing centers, collaborative writing, online tutoring, peer learning

Benson, Erica J., general linguistics, sociolinguistics, language variation and change, American social and regional dialects, language and gender, folk linguistics

Berry, Catherine, cardiac health and nursing, Mended Hearts support group (related to heart disease and surgery), professional organization involvement, church women leadership

Bleske-Rechek, April, friendship, human mating, human sex differences, women in math/science/engineering, intelligence, behavior genetics

Bogstad, Janice, young adult literature; science fiction and fantasy literature; women and paraliterary genres (science fiction, fantasy, romance and mystery fiction); Chinese and Chinese American literature and history; 20th-century women writers' literature in Chinese, French, German and English; library collection development; cyberfutures; global women's movements (20th century); postcolonial theory

Boulter, James E., atmospheric chemistry of Earth, atmospheric chemistry of extraterrestrial moons and planets, environmental chemistry issues, spectroscopy

Bredle, Don, exercise physiology, exercise science, athletic performance, sports nutrition, body composition, weight control, pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation, training

Brisbin, Abra, statistical genetics, association mapping, linkage analysis, ancestry mapping in individuals with ancestry from multiple populations

Brown, Joshua, Anabaptists (Amish, Mennonites, Hutterites)

Bryant, Damani, neurobiology, neuroendocrinology, sex differences, cellular signaling, neuroprotection, neuroanatomy

Burns, Charlene, Christianity (theology, history), religious violence, religion and science, psychology of religion, religion and morality