Name Nowlan, Robert

Title/Department professor, English

Phone 715-836-4369



Topic areas critical theory; film and television studies, especially British; popular music as cultural studies; mystery, detective and crime fiction; modern to contemporary British and especially Scottish, cultural studies; Ian Curtis and Joy Division. Keywords: critical theory, crime drama, Scottish studies, popular music of protest and resistance, postpunk music and culture.

Notes Nowlan has written and published a book on Scottish cinema. He is working on a book on connections between Ian Curtis and Joy Division, on the one hand, and critical theory, on the other hand. Nowlan also is working on another book on 21st-century British TV detective series. He has produced and hosted a weekly radio show for 12 years focused on progressive music of protest, struggle and resistance; contemporary indie music; and classic post-punk music. Nowlan has often taught modern to contemporary, and especially British, drama, in literature/critical studies classes. He has in recent years developed and pursued interests, including in teaching upper-level courses, in British dystopian fiction since World War I and in critical theories of the fantastic, the uncanny and the surreal. Nowlan frequently travels to and within Britain, including for purposes connected to teaching and scholarship, especially in Manchester and in Scotland.