Name Taylor, Dale

Title/Department professor emeritus, music and theatre arts

Phone 715-836-9029



Topic areas Music therapy and the brain; music for recovery from traumatic brain injury; music and memory; curricular diversity; overcoming racial and cultural stereotypes. Keywords: neuroscience, implicit bias.

Notes Dr. Taylor has presented worldwide on music therapy and the brain, served as a consultant for music therapy curricular development, spoken and served on numerous boards and committees aimed at enhancing diversity in the community and on campus. He is well known as a music neuroscientist, professor, therapist, musician and author. During his presentation on “A Neuroanatomical Model for the Use of Music in the Remediation of Aphasic Disorders” in 1985 at the Music in Rehabilitation and Human Well-Being Conference in New York City, Taylor became the first person to use the word “plasticity” to describe the behavior of neurons in the brain when he offered his theory of “Functional Plasticity” to explain why TBI victims who are involved in music recover language skills faster and more frequently than nonmusical aphasia sufferers.