UW-Eau Claire's Experts Directory provides a list of campus experts who can comment to the media on various topics and issues and who are willing to speak to service and professional groups.


health care, Internet communities, computer-mediated communication, small-group interaction, AIDS/HIV
Teaching: guided inquiry, collaborative learning, science writing heuristic. Chemistry: inorganic chemistry, industrial chemical processes, catalysis, plastics, polymers, polymer synthesis, polymer properties, sustainable polymers, renewable polymers, polymer recycling. Strategic partnerships: workforce innovation, economic development, external partnerships and collaborations, strategic alignment, academic program development.
ground penetrating radar (geophysical method used to investigate near subsurface to understand how land forms were developed, to reconstruct history of an area and to identify buried items), coastal environments, geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, archaeology (Israel, France and North America)
Second language learning and teaching, study abroad, intercultural communication, teacher education, Chinese language and culture. Keywords: China, culture, language, study abroad, intercultural communication.
molecular biology and molecular genetics including the Human Genome Project, cloning, stem cells, molecular treatments for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease
fundraising, building a comprehensive development program for organizations of all sizes and budgets, public-private partnerships, real estate development — especially student housing, strategic planning for nonprofit management. Keywords: fundraising, foundations, nonprofit management, public-private partnerships.
William Wordsworth, romanticism, transcendentalism, Anglo-American literary relations, bibliography, history of the book
Risk management, university liability, property and auto insurance, safety training, emergency management, risk assessment. ustainability.
Cyberbullying, sexting, sextortion, social media, how teens use and misuse technology, bullying, school violence, juvenile justice, criminology theory.
Advocacy and Advancing Social Justice Children, Youth, and Families / Child Welfare Leadership Community Social Work Macro Social Work Political and Legislative Social Work Generalist Practice
gender, sexuality, women's sports (Title IX and gender equity in intercollegiate athletics)
American Constitutional Law Supreme Court of the United States First Amendment Legal Theory Comparative Law and Politics
Islam in the United States, Islamophobia, religion and politics, religion and sports
plastics, polymer science, polymer synthesis, colloids, emulsions, "smart" materials, materials science.
Alcohol use and misuse; adolescent substance use; substance use in the aged population; faculty-student collaborative research. Keywords: alcohol; cannabis.
human geography in general (emphasis on place, space, scale and the intersections of people, culture and environment); regional geography of the Middle East (emphasis on Turkey, Anatolia, Istanbul); geography of the Baltic region (emphasis on Finland); geography of food (emphasis on local-regional food systems); rural geographies (emphasis on rural outmigration and rural-urban connections). Keywords: Middle East, Turkey, Anatolia, Istanbul, Armenians, Finland, Baltic, food, food systems, farmers markets, urban-rural, migration, human geography.