UW-Eau Claire's Experts Directory provides a list of campus experts who can comment to the media on various topics and issues and who are willing to speak to service and professional groups.


suicide, self-injury, therapy (dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing), clinical psychology
Cyberbullying, sexting, sextortion, social media, how teens use and misuse technology, bullying, school violence, juvenile justice, criminology theory.
Fake news, information literacy, information design, library instruction. Keywords: document design, research.
health risks, environmental protection, water quality, air quality, poisonings, drug safety, noise exposure
plastics, polymer science, polymer synthesis, colloids, emulsions, "smart" materials, materials science.
Chinese elderly studies, China's population problems and policy, demographic transition, marital quality, sociological data analysis, social research methods. Keywords: activities of daily living, psychological wellbeing, supporting resources, life satisfaction, socioeconomic status.
sport and exercise psychology, exercise and cancer recovery
Child health and nutrition (specifically children's fruit and vegetable consumption), climate change public opinion (specifically international views on climate change including China and the United States), public policy, environmental economics, health economics. Keywords: fruits and vegetables, climate change, health, environment, policy.
Sulfide mining, mineral exploration, economic geology, rock and mineral identification, geology of northern Wisconsin, Precambrian geology. Keywords: sulfide, mining, rocks, geology.
Materials and chemical analysis and characterization of bulk and trace components; materials failure analysis, outreach to industrial clients needing access to university facilities and expertise.
African/Black Psychology Cultural competency Clinical/Counseling psychology  Mental health  
International marketing, international business, business in India, Indian culture, culture, India, consumer behavior, Hindi language, study abroad, immersion programs.
teacher preparation, teacher shortage, teacher pipeline, children's literature, equity issues in education. Keywords: teachers, teaching, education.
Academic library leadership and administration, library advocacy, library science, information literacy, applied improvisation (using elements of improv in professional development), open educational resources (OER) and scholarly publishing, copyright.
plant evolution and hybridization, botany, population genetics, phylogenetics, biodiversity. Keywords: plants, hybridization, evolution, botany, population genetics, phylogenetics.
William Wordsworth, romanticism, transcendentalism, Anglo-American literary relations, bibliography, history of the book
Training/learning and human resource development; instructional design; blended learning; online training/learning and development; FranklinCovey "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," "The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team," "Leading Customer Loyalty" and "Resolving Generational Conflict"; time management; project management; emotional intelligence; Blugold Service Excellence; presenting and facilitating; SMART goals.
Athletic training, sports medicine, manual therapy, functional movement assessment, injuries/assessment/rehabilitation to the musculoskeletal system. Keywords: musculoskeletal injury, biomechanics, rehabilitation protocols.
East Asian history, gender history, medical history
Classroom technology, distance education, videoconferencing, broadcast engineering, cable television, AV consulting