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Name Topic Areas
Faris, Michael social media, digital writing, digital literacies

Faulkner, Doug fluvial geomorphology, surface-water hydrology, water resources

Fernandes, Jill Hecker children and families with health deviations, congenital heart disease, neonatal/pediatric intensive care

Fink, Steven Islam in North America, Christian theology and practice

Floyd, Chris ecology, evolutionary biology, animal behavior, mammalogy, ornithology, population genetics

Forman, Pamela J. gender, sexuality, women's sports (Title IX and gender equity in intercollegiate athletics)

Freeman, Antonio cultural anthropology, Afro-Caribbean culture, traditional religion, magic and witchcraft, Santeria, Dominican Republic and Haiti, Dominican history, Generalissimo Trujillo, Caribbean race and identity

Freitag, Rodd state and local politics, interest groups, Congress, welfare policy, elections

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